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christmas movie nostalgia

January 5, 2018

The Winter Warlock

Last year I shared photos from the holiday display at the Beaumont Farm in Wallingford, Connecticut.  It was such a cool display of scenes from the movie Christmas Vacation.  Since I shared those photos, I came to realize that Bill Beaumont, owner of the farm, creates a display every year and has been for around 15 years.

the workshop

entrance to santas workshop

Each year, Beaumont creates a display using a classic Christmas movie as inspiration.  This year, I didn’t make it to the farm until after Christmas, but I still want to share this year’s display for today’s Friday field trip.

mountain of the whispering winds

Beaumont chose an oldie this year – a stop motion Christmas television special originally broadcast in 1970.  The Rankin/Bass production is called Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, based on the song of the same name.

Topper the penguin

If you have ever seen this classic, you know Fred Astaire is the narrator of the movie.  He tells the story of how Santa Claus and several traditions came to be.

North Pole mail

Beaumont did an amazing job of portraying the movie on the corner of his farm – creating 9 characters and 6 scenes that truly give visitors the feel of the original production.

santas worskhop window

Welcome to Somber Town

I wasn’t sure I had seen the movie, but once I started touring the display, I instantly recognized the evil Winter Warlock…I also remembered Burgermeister Meisterburger and Fred Astaire’s postal carrier character.

Mayor Burgermeister Meisterburger

How about you?  Do you remember this movie?

wanted Kris Kringle

I would love to request Elf for next year’s display.  ;)

winter warlock

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember to take pleasure in simple things, Jackie

To see last year’s Christmas Vacation display, click here. 

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