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balmy and the beach

February 23, 2018

Feb beach day

What to do on a 70-degree day in February?  Head to the beach, of course!  Connecticut does not usually experience temperatures this high in February, so a trip to the beach, no matter how short, seemed in order!

balmy and beautiful

Today I am sharing a few photos from that warm day earlier this week.

loosing the horizon

I wanted you to see how the fog had created some really cool views by making the water and the sky appear as one.

balmy and the beach


foggy day at the beach

Thanks for stopping by!

shell on rock

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to take pleasure in simple things, Jackie

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beauty in the details

February 16, 2018

Four Seasons Orlando Hall Light

Beauty is in the details.  If this is true, I must see an infinite amount of beauty!  I can get really obsessed with details.  This is especially true when I enter new surroundings.

Capa ceiling light Orlando

For example, every time I visit a hotel, I get caught up in some aspect of its esthetic.  At The Breakers in Palm Beach, it was the staff uniforms – I thought they were amazing – every employee wears a uniform and they are fabulous!  The gals have beautiful Lilly Pulitzer outfits!  I ended up spending my first visit to the Breakers doing an analysis of all the employee’s outfits!

Lighting Four Seasons lights

For today’s Friday field trip, I am sharing my obsession at the Four Seasons in Orlando – lighting!  I have already shared the most magnificent fixture on the property (click here to see), today I am sharing a little glimpse of the rest of the hotel lighting.

Four Seasons Orlando Spa Lighting

Light fixture in the entrance to the spa at the Four Seasons Orlando.

I hope you found these photos inspiring.  Maybe they are motivating you to revamp some of your own fixtures?  Replacing an old fixture can give your space an instant refresh!

ceiling lights Four Seasons Orlando

Thanks for stopping by!

lighting at Four Seasons Orlando

A chandelier in a restroom at the Four Seasons Orlando.

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to take pleasure in simple things, Jackie

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anna rifle’s flagship store!

February 9, 2018

flowers at Anna Rifle

If you follow this blog, you may already know that I have a real love for paper products!  I still believe strongly in hand written thank you notes, as well as notes of condolence.  Especially in this age of technology, with rushed emails and hurried texts – who doesn’t appreciate receiving a personal note in the mail?  What better way is there to convey a heartfelt message?

rifle pins

Because of this love for hand written messages, I also have a love for great paper products.  When I think of my favorite paper product artists, a couple instantly come to mind.  On the top of this list is graphic designer Anna Rifle Bond.

anna rifle lotion love

Anna Rifle Winter Park meeting

Anna ‘taking a meeting’ at Rifle Paper Co. in Winter Park.

On today’s Friday field trip, I am thrilled to share photos from a recent visit to the place where Anna Rifle Bond and her husband Nathan started their company, Rifle Paper, in 2008.  This spot in Winter Park, Florida is also home to their flagship store.

anna rifle table in Winter Park

Anna Rifle tote bags

I developed an appreciation for Anna’s designs when she started her partnership with Anthropologie, early in her company’s 10-year career.

long table at Anna Rifle

Anna Rifle for Mast Chocolate

(To see more on Mast Chocolate, click here to see Friday field trip to Mast)

Feminine and colorful, with a little whimsy, Anna’s designs appear on a lot more than just paper!  Beyond calendars and cards, some of the items that showcase Anna’s quaint designs include phone covers, candles, wallpaper, books, candy wrappers, and sneakers.  Quite a repertoire from what began as designing posters for her husband’s band and wedding invites for her friends!

Anna Rifle books

pretty Anna Rifle pins

I hope you enjoyed today’s Friday field trip.  Thanks for stopping by!

Winter Park Rifle Paper Co.

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to take pleasure in simple things, Jackie

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up all light

February 2, 2018

the main lights Orlando Four Seasons

For today’s Friday field trip – a little something to brighten up your day!

view of fixture late day

These photos are all of the same light fixture…


located in the main staircase of the Four Season’s Hotel in Orlando.

full view Orlando Four Seasons

Hope they add a little brilliance to your weekend!  Have a great one!

main lights Orlando Four Seasons

And, remember to take pleasure in simple things, Jackie

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snow place like home

January 19, 2018

lone snowman

The best part of a collection is enjoying it!  My friend Phyllis has the cutest miniature snowman collection that she displays in her windowsill at this time of year.

window sill magic

The gorgeous, snowy view from out her kitchen window is supplemented by a variety of little snow people – all in miniature.  Noticing this little collection is sure to provoke a smile!

trio of snowmen

Today on Friday field trip, I am sharing a few of the little snowmen I enjoyed last time I visited my dear friend – hoping to add a smile to your face as you start the weekend!

window sill buddies

Do you have a collection that puts a smile on your face when you notice it during your daily routine?

window sill buddies talking

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to take pleasure in simple things, Jackie

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at frost glance

January 12, 2018

When Long Island Sound freezes

Bitter cold temperatures made walking along all the town beaches this past week risky business!  I felt I was in danger of frostbite when I took my hand out of my mitten long enough to snap a couple photos!

frozen waves

But, with wind chills below zero and over 13” of snowfall last week, Long Island Sound was definitely something to look at!  I don’t know if I would say the beaches looked magical or if they looked more like something out of a science fiction movie, but they did look amazing!

waves frozen in place CT

For today’s Friday field trip, I am sharing some of this frozen beauty through photographs!  And, you don’t have to risk frostbite to enjoy them!

frozen in CT Long Island Sound

Seeing ripples of waves frozen in action is pretty cool (pun intended)!

CT waves frozen in place

Wouldn’t a polar bear look right at home in this photo!  (I was tempted to draw one in!)

frozen long island sound

Thanks for stopping by!

Long Island Sound in freezing temps

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to take pleasure in simple things, Jackie

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holiday 2017 at grace

December 15, 2017

holiday wrap by Grace in Niantic

For Friday field trip today, a visit to one more of my favorite stores for holiday shopping!

feather ornaments

holiday bird

throw selection at Grace in NianticHave a little virtual shopping trip with a few photos from this holiday season at Grace in Niantic, Connecticut.

holiday at Grace

holiday packages at Grace

holiday cutting board at Grace


happy place mugs

buddah head at Grace

throws at Grace

Hope your holiday preparations are coming along!  Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fabulous weekend, Jackie

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taken for granite 2017 holiday

November 24, 2017

colorful bottle brush trees

The games have begun…the shoppers are off!

beachy holiday

I promised a week of shopping inspiration and today I share some photos from one of my favorite ‘beachy’ vibe shops.

turquoise ornaments

holiday fairy

Today, for Friday field trip, a holiday visit to Taken for Granite in Stony Creek, Connecticut.

trees in miniature

holiday jewels

copper bracelet

Choose this brick and mortar store over internet shopping and delight in the personal service, gorgeous gift wrap, and carefully selected merchandise offered!

shells and holiday decor

teapot holiday vignette


bottle brush trees in colors

Thanks for visiting!  Have a wonderful weekend.

pink bottle brush trees

Remember to take pleasure in simple things…like visiting a beautiful gift shop! xo Jackie

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terrain holiday 2017

November 21, 2017

lighted wreath wall

Typically, this is the week everyone starts thinking about holiday shopping.

lighted balls Terrain

fir trees at Terrain

I have definitely started thinking about it myself and I have visited a few of my favorite stores.  Because I am such a visual person, I don’t really enjoy internet shopping.  I like to see the merchandise and enjoy how it is styled and displayed.  And, I certainly appreciate a beautifully and creatively wrapped purchase over a box left at my doorstep!

lighted tree Terrain

building a zinc village

As a homage to brick and mortar stores, this week I am sharing a few photos from my favorites this holiday season.

greens for the holidays at Terrain

Holiday Magic at Terrain

Today, some photos from my favorite home and garden store – Terrain.  For overall holiday décor, Terrain is hard to beat!  A visit to the Westport store is a sure way to put your holiday spirit into overdrive as well as inspire your holiday décor!

Terrain Holiday

holiday plant at Terrain Westport

Thanks for stopping by!

Holiday tree with red bulbs

Remember to take pleasure in simple things and have a blessed Thanksgiving!   xo Jackie

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amelia island beach memories

November 10, 2017

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island Beach

Here in Connecticut, the weather has turned cold.  Thoughts of fall are being replaced by winter and holiday preparations…Christmas decorations are on display everywhere!

The beach at The Ritz Amelia Island

I think it is the perfect day to take a glimpse of some warmer days that are not that far behind us!  Don’t you miss that feeling of sand between your toes?

tables amelia island

For today’s Friday field trip, a few photos of the beach taken during my recent stay at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island, Florida.

umbrella on the beach amelia island


walkway Amelia Island

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to take pleasure in simple things, Jackie

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