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diy ballard designs burlap wreath

October 12, 2012

This week, friday field trip is through the pages of the Ballard Designs catalog.  Don’t you just love this catalog!? 

It is always such an exciting day when the Ballard Designs catalog arrives in the mail!  So many beautiful things!  This burlap wreath really caught my eye when I opened the latest edition in this week’s mail.  I love the neutral color and, heck, I have plenty of scrap burlap around…I know I can make my own!  Do you want to try your hand at making a Ballard Designs inspired wreath?  Read on.

A photo of my completed diy Ballard Designs inspired burlap wreath.

These are the materials I used:

  • 60 pieces of burlap – 1″ x 8″ rectangles
  • some additional burlap scraps (to cover the wreath)
  • 1, 8″ grapevine wreath
  • glue gun and glue sticks

(optional:  white ribbon and white berries or other decorative accents)

First, I covered the wreath with scraps of burlap just in case it showed through.  I simply used scraps I had and glued them onto the grapevine wreath using the glue gun.

BIG WARNING!  Since the burlap is such an open weave, the hot glue is going to be extremely dangerous…I suggest you use something other than your fingers to press down onto the burlap or wear some type of gloves to protect your fingers from burns.  Be very careful!

I cut rectangles from the burlap – 1″ by 8″ pieces…I cut mostly by eye, so the sizes of the pieces were not extremely accurate.  I estimated that I would need about 50 loops and ended up needing 60.  From here on, it is just a matter of glueing on the strips by gluing one side and then the other side directly to it.  I just glued them randomly around the wreath, filling in spots that seemed empty as I went.

The strings happened pretty naturally as pieces would unravel…I helped a few along.

And, that is it!  I really love it!  The original was hung with a long strip of burlap, but I wanted to use a white ribbon.  I also decided to add some decorative white berries.  I planned on saving it as a holiday decoration, but I like it everywhere I hang it…I think I may leave it on one of my inside doors…maybe I will add some sparkle to it come the holidays!

If you are a Ballard Designs catalog  ‘virgin’, do yourself a favor and check it out:

I hope you enjoyed this friday field trip with a Ballard Designs catalog inspired diy burlap wreath!

Thanks for visiting, Jackie

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  • BB says:

    I LOVE the wreath…and there is so much you can do with the basic concept. Very Clever of you!

  • I love your version! The little beads are the perfect accessory. Great knock off!!

  • Kerry says:

    Did you make loops where the ends were matched together, or did you make circles? I started trying to do this last night, but my wreath is kind of looking like a ‘fro gone wrong…

    • jackie says:

      Kerry – The first couple I did loops, but soon gave up the extra step (especially because I used the hot glue!) I glued one side and then quickly the other so that the two ends met…it does look kind of odd until you get a lot of the loops attached and it gets filled in. What does it look like?

  • Kerry says:

    I have done a combo of loops with ends matched and circles, because I was trying to get that full look. I’ll keep trying. Hopefully it will look as nice as yours when it’s all done :)

  • Adriana Ryan says:

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve looked through that catalog and fell in love with those wreaths. I knew some crafty DIYer somewhere would have a tutorial up! Can’t wait to get cracking on this. Yours is beautiful! I actually like it more than the original. :)

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