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My dad & I on vacation :)

Hi, I’m Jackie from Fairfield County, Connecticut.

My visual aesthetic is what drives my creative projects. I am never lacking for ideas and find inspiration in everyday life…

My friends call me a ‘Modern Renaissance Woman.’ In my free time, I may be found testing a new recipe for a garden tour I’m organizing, painting a faux finish on a friend’s bathroom wall, or hopping on the train to NYC to attend an author appearance or design event. My creative side is always in overdrive!

My two beautiful children have always been my focus in life and now that they are older, my life enters a new phase of rediscovery and adventure!  While working full time at nonprofits is satisfying work, it doesn’t always give me the opportunity to express myself creatively…I am working on finding the right full time position to fuel my creative side!

Because I get so many requests from friends and family to help with creative projects – everything from wedding planning to designing business cards – I designed this blog as a creative outlet to share some of my home and garden ideas.  Pleasure in Simple Things is where I celebrate finding joy and inspiration in the simple pleasures of life by showcasing DIY projects, recipes, design ideas and adventures!

Why simple things?

Isn’t it the little things that really matter most in life?  Isn’t that why a person can select a car based on a cup holder?  Or why a special memory can come flooding back based on hearing a certain song or smelling a particular cologne?

I know that it’s crazy I can’t delete the “thanks Mom” or “I love you more” text messages the kids send to my phone, but it is just one of those simple things that makes life so special. How great to come across one of those text messages when my day isn’t going so well!

In that same way, how great is having a random conversation that gives an exciting new outlook..falling in love with a well-designed paper product…hearing a new song that gives so much happiness it needs to be put on repeat for the better part of a day…finding a single quote in a book that makes one look at life in a new way….or not being able to contain the excitement of  implementing a new decorating idea that is created on the drive home from work….

These are the things that make life great.

So while I am determined to find time for self-discovery, my goal is a simple one …. to celebrate pleasure in simple things along the way.



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