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5 ways to add design personality

September 18, 2012

The best part about home design is adding your own style to your decor.  I would like to share 5 simple tips that can add instant design personality to your home.

INCORPORATE FAMILY MEMORIES.  A great way to anchor your home decor is through pieces that have special family meaning.  How wonderful to see an old family item passed down through the generations, or something that has special meaning in your family, every time you walk into a room.  If you don’t have something like this already, it is easy to collect some items from other family members that you can incorporate into your decor.  I have done this a lot over the years in my home.  I even have one room in my home aptly named ‘the nostalgia room’ that is decorated entirely with old family items and photos.  An old black and white family photo framed in a spectacular or trendy way, or a piece that reminds you of a particular family member, can create instant personality.  An old sign from a family business, your grandfather’s favorite fishing pole hanging on a wall, your grandmother’s favorite lamp – anything that has some family significance can make a creative design piece with personality!

A great way to anchor your home decor is through pieces that have special family meaning.

ADD TEXTURES.  Varying the textures of the materials you use in your decor adds great visual interest.  Incorporating different textures into a room full of neutrals gives instant visual interest and is a design element all on its own.  A monochromatic color scheme is instantly transformed with the use of varying textures.  Think about mixing textures you love when you purchase items for your home.  Any color scheme is enhanced with a clever mix of textures.

Varying the textures of the materials you use in your decor adds visual interest.

CREATE ORGANIZATION.  The way you choose to organize not only makes you feel great by creating order, but also can serve as a design element.  If you look at organization in this way, it is a simple step to add style to your home.

One way I do this in my home is in the way I organize my books.  The way I incorporate them into my decor is the way I cover them.  This is the simplest, but most beautiful way to turn books into a design element.  Use your favorite wrapping paper, nautical or street maps, old sheet music, or even brown paper.  Think about your interests and the color schemes of the rooms where you shelf your books.

Closets can be organized in a visually pleasing way using baskets or attractive containers.  Keep your rings in a pretty dish that matches your decor when they aren’t being worn.  In the kitchen, utilize attractive jars to house those daily calcium tablets!

The way you choose to organize not only makes you feel great by creating order, but can also serve as a design element.

USE SOME PLAYFUL PIECES.  As in life, it is not a good idea to take your decorating too seriously – add some fun accessories to give your home decor personality and to make you smile.  This is an easy thing to accomplish with little expense and can be utilized anywhere in your home.  I like to find playful kitchen items that can make even the most mundane task seem fun.  There are plenty of ways to add whimsy to your decor, particularly in accessories.

As in life, it is not a good idea to take your decorating too seriously.

REMEMBER OUTDOORS.  Don’t miss the opportunity to utilize great decor outdoors.  Simple items can make a big difference and this is especially true outdoors.

One example at my home was my clothespin holder.  The holders traditionally sold for clothespins were visually annoying.  I bought a basket for much less than a traditional clothespin holder and stained it using leftover stain from my house…now I love the way it looks!

White plastic doorbells are another eyesore, but SO easy to change up.  House numbers are also an easy item to replace and can be a big visual element – a great way to showcase your personality by the style of numbers you choose.  Planting your seasonal flowers in colors to complement your front door is an easy way to make your plants a great design element.  Adding design features to your garden is also an instant way to add personality and can make your weeding session more fun!

Be sure, also, to use pieces you really love for outdoor dining or entertaining.  I love the acrylic water glasses I found for my outdoor entertaining.  Clearance racks are filled with outdoor dining accessories at this time of year and some smart purchases now are sure to put a smile on your face come Spring!

Don’t miss the opportunity to utilize great decor outdoors.

Hope you enjoyed these five simple tips to easily add your own design personality to your home.

Need some ideas for something in your home that you’d like to turn into a design element?  Send me an email, I would love to help!

Thanks for visiting, Jackie

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  • Lynn says:

    A great articles. Loved your photos. You embody style in your blog and I always love reading your words. Hope you having a great week, if not it’s only Tuesday, there’s room to go!

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